A Pet Owner’s Reflection- Stephanie Perfect

Oct 25, 2020

By Stephanie Perfect, Pet Owner:

In 2007, I moved cross country from Washington State to Hendersonville, TN with just a few of my belongings. The most important being my 3 cats. Cinnamon and Nutmeg, both 12 years old and Peanut, 1 year old.

Not long after I arrived in Hendersonville, I needed to find a vet. My cats had picked up fleas and a few other unmentionables along our journey south. The first place that came up when I did a search was Hendersonville Animal Hospital.

I gave them a call and I am so glad I did. From the minute I walked in, I just felt at ease and I knew my cats were in good hands. Over the last 12 years, the staff at Hendersonville Animal Hospital has been there for us so many times and has consistently given the same quality of care no matter how big or small the reason for our visit was.

They have seen us for minor issues such as flea meds, and some head scratching issues (like my crazy cat peanut and his plastic eating habit!), to ticks, and nail trims… They have helped me to understand that the rescue (Buddy) That we welcomed into our family a few years ago would be just fine, even though he was FIV+.

They helped me to realize that it was not the death sentence I thought it was. They also helped our family through some very difficult times with the loss of our sweet Nutmeg at the age of 19, and our little Cinnamon girl at the age of 21. I could not have asked for a more kind and caring group of people during these incredibly tough times. As we prepare to hit the road back to Washington State, it is very bittersweet, because I know for sure that I will never find another place like Hendersonville Animal Hospital.

To the staff of Hendersonville Animał Hospital- You have become part of our family and will always remain close to our hearts. I wish we could pack you up and take you with us. But since we can’t, please just know that we can’t say thank you nearly enough to show our appreciation for your kindness, your compassion and for always being willing to lend an ear when we needed you. Please enjoy some pictures of our family past and present.

We will sure miss you!

Love, Peanut, 13 yrs old Roxie, 9 yrs old Buddy, ?? Yrs old… And Stephanie