Celebrate Cat Lovers Month

Oct 25, 2020

December is Cat Lovers’ Month (even though our cats believe that’s every month!), so it’s time to celebrate the beauty, smarts and sass of all cats in big and small, and fun and serious ways.

Whether you currently share your life with a cat or kitten or are thinking of expanding your family and welcoming a cat or kitten to your life, we have many ways in which you can celebrate National Cat Lovers Month!

1: Spend Time With Your Cat

Whether you pet, talk to, or let him/her lie down with you, time with your cat is a great way to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. . Celebrate the little things with your cat — to him, your time is a big thing — enjoy it to the utmost!

2: Give Back To Cats In Need

There are ways you can give back to pets in need even if you cannot open your home to one. Volunteering at a local animal shelter is a great way to get your “cat fix” in if you don’t have one as a pet. This will help socialize cats while making them more adoptable.

3: Play Fun Games

There are so many different games you can play with your kitty! Games such as hide-and-seek and food searching are enjoyed by cats since they unleash their predatory nature. They use their sense of smell to locate you while playing hide-and-seek and food items when you play the food hunting game.

4: Buy New Cat Toys

Cats tend to get bored easily so getting new toys can help increase their curiosity. Once your cat gets tired of playing with the new toys, you can cycle them out for the old toys, which will now seem like new toys again! Also be sure to use this time as an opportunity to throw out any broken, torn, or damaged toys that could cause a choking hazard.

5: Schedule A Check-Up

 Routine care is essential for keeping a kitty happy and in great shape. This makes December a great time to take him or her in for a regular wellness exam. While this doesn’t seem fun, you will be glad you gave the gift of good health!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to commemorating this amazing month of cat fun! Enjoy!