End of Life Care

End Of Life Care Involves Treatment, Care And Support For Pets Who Are Nearing The End Of Their Life. It’s An Important Part Of Palliative Care.


One of the biggest disadvantages of pet ownership is the sadness that comes with their death. Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy and everyone copes with the loss differently. Our staff is here to help you through the process in anyway that we can.

Euthanasia literally means “good death”. Although we all wish our pets would pass away peacefully in their own bed, this is often not the case. We offer humane euthanasia for cats and dogs. This is a quick and painless way to help your pet pass when their quality of life has declined and the decision lies in your hands.

The ASPCA has a great article that helps answer a lot of common questions that clients have asked us when they are facing a pet at the end of their life. Please click the link below.


Pet Cremation Services

While this is a very difficult time, not many people think about After Death Care. Sometimes taking a pet home for burial is not possible, depending on community rules, or pet size. We want you to experience the highest quality of pet cremation services available.

We are very pleased with the service we receive from the crematory of our choice, Faithful Companion. We assure they will handle your pet with dignity and respect as if it were their own. They provide a professional container for your pet to be placed in, and they’ll pick up the same day, and usually return your pets cremains within 24 hours. This helps us to eliminate the use of cadaver bags and freezers.

Please call us to discuss the options that are available and for arrangements. You can also visit their website for more information:


Pet Loss Hotline at (877) GRIEF-10

  • Cremains of pets that are NOT being returned to the family, are buried on a regular basis at Garden of Love Pet Cemetery in Shady Rest Pet Cemetery in McMinnville, TN This allows your pet to have a final resting place. There are markers denoting a Faithful Companion burial area. However, pets names are not listed individually.
  • If your pet passes away after hours, you can contact Faithful Companion to arrange a pick up from your home. Their contact number is 615-610-7777 or email them at tncontact@faithfulcompanion.com

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