Responsible Pet Owners Month

Oct 25, 2020

Responsible Pet Owners Month

February is National Responsible Pet Owners Month which makes for a perfect time to think about what exactly makes a responsible pet owner. While there isn’t an exact definition of the perfect pet owner, at the Hendersonville Animal Hospital we like to view pet ownership as not just a privilege, but also a responsibility. 

Pets are our companions and need love just like us humans. We’ve put together a list of five important aspects of a responsible pet owner. ​ 1) Nutrition: Feed your pet a well-balanced and nutritious diet. In today’s world, there are several quality dog and cat food options. It may take a little research to figure out what works best for your pet but it’s likely that a store near you has exactly what your pet needs. 

Great nutrition sets the longterm foundation for a happy and healthy life! Don’t be hesitant in asking one of our team members any questions you have regarding nutrition for your pet.

2) Make Them Apart of the Family: Pets need companionship and love! Just like humans, they need warmth and loves that comes with living indoors with their family. 

A pet owner is his or her pets’ favorite thing in the world. They crave that attention and care, so show them the love and devotion that they show you. 

3) Train Your Pet: Simple manners training can reduce behavior problems while strengthening the relationship between you and your pet. Our pets should at least understand the basics such as “sit” and “stay.”

Training to have a happy, stress-free life without behavioral issues will pay off in the long run for not just your pet, but you as an owner too. It can also be very beneficial in case of an emergency situation.

4) Give Them Exercise: All pets need regular exercise to stay in good shape while releasing their energy. Without taking your animal out for a walk or run through the park, your pet will begin to act out. 

​Without proper exercise, health and behavior problems are likely to arise for the extra pent up energy.

5) Care For Your Pet: Regular visits to the vet and groomer are necessary to ensure your pet is healthy. By scheduling an annual checkup, you can stay informed about your pet’s health. 

You can always contact us here to learn more about our annual checkups for pets.

Talk To Our Team About Becoming a Better Pet Owner: ​The entire team at the Hendersonville Animal Hospital is here to answer any questions you have about caring for your pet. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!